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No more showings, no more hassle. Fiction is the simplest way to find high-quality tenants.

How it Works...

Start Listing

Schedule a free visit to your property around your schedule. We record HD videos and take high-quality photos of your listing at no cost!

The Virtual Showing

Select the availabilities and the prices. Choose your minimum lease terms and set house rules.

Select Your Tenant

When a tenant chooses your listing, you have 12 hours to accept or reject the booking request.

Simple Recurring Income

No More Showings

No visits for property showings, everything is done online. We provide an HD video tour and professional photos at no cost.

Operate Ahead of Schedule

High-quality tenant requests months ahead of time. After you receive a request you have 12 hours to accept or reject a renter.

Better Results, Less Work

No inconvenient phone calls and viewings. Increase occupancy rates and earn more per month.
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