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Bringing Humanity to AI

Fiction is creating tools to help everyone take part in the AI revolution.

Your Personal AI Toolkit

Fiction is creating the tools to help regular people take part in the AI revolution.

Fiction believes that AI tech must be built intentionally to ensure its effects on society are positive. And we are committed to advancing the field in a way that enhances and improves humanity.

Part of that is making sure anyone can create specialized AI tools, not just the large corporations.

That's why Fiction is focusing on open-source AI (rather than proprietary APIs). It's mission is to enable everyone to have their own personal AI toolkit.

Andrew Powers

Founder & CEO

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and developer. He's passionate about helping people and a father of two.

Built in the USA

Fiction's office is in Irvine, California. We also hire in Utah, San Francisco Bay Area, and Argentina.

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Fiction is looking to build a world-class team of talented people.

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