Let's Create Something Beautiful Together

Fiction is on a mission to help frontend developers create better Javascript apps.

What Fiction stands for...

Sustainable Karma

We are here to help people be successful. We believe that the good you do comes back to you 110%.


Fiction believes in minimalism to an extreme. The more we can do with less resources the better.

Fortune Favors the Bold

They say your first failure teaches you 80% of what you need to create success.


Creating great products comes down to having empathy for the customer.

Current Job Openings

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Front-End Javascript Developer (MEVN Stack) Salt Lake City

Fiction is an early stage company with a big vision. We are working on changing the way people work online. Joining up now means you'll have the chance to contribute to important decisions and infrastructure as we move forward.

Interested in working on the future of front-end development? Fiction is working on a new system for front-end developers that makes app development 10x simpler and faster. We are looking for talented and passionate front-end developers to help develop platform... Learn More
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Frontend JS Developer Paid Internship (MEVN Stack) Salt Lake City

Fiction makes tools and services for web creators and web based business. We are currently working on a new development platform designed to make powerful full-stack application creation simple.

This year we've moved Fiction's HQ to Salt Lake City and we are currently hiring paid Javascript development interns to work on extensions and functionality for Factor. The responsibilities of this internship include designing extensions, components, and refining code architecture to... Learn More
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