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Technical Writer — Javascript + Front-End Development

We are working on a new unified application framework called Factor. It’s built with the MEVN (MongoDB, Vue, Node/Express) stack along with Typescript.

Factor is nearly ready to launch to production (Q1-2020), and we’re looking for someone who can learn the technology and write articles, tutorials and documentation to help tighten things up and market the product. This job is part-time, 10hrs per week.

Specifically looking for someone to help us:

  • Curate and create documentation, tutorials and other resources to help people learn how to use the platform
  • Write articles and manage a pipeline of content related to front-end development and application architecture

Why work with us:

  • Work on the future of JS/TS and front-end development
  • Design advanced workflows and tools for a world-class product
  • Build something that makes you proud!

How to get started:

The Factor beta website is available at