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Factor CMS Platform A Reactive CMS Platform for Typescript.

Build sites, blogs or full-stack apps in hours not months

There's a Plugin for that...

Customize your project by including only the code you need. Using Factor means avoiding code bloat, reusable elements, and faster development.

Factor - Modular

Built for Marketing, SEO and Social

Build apps that handle production-ready traffic without worrying about server administration or scaling and make your idea live fast. Focus your efforts on what provides value to your users.

Factor - Serverless and SSR

Built on the Shoulders of (Open-Source) Giants

Factor Platform is built on time-tested open source technologies. Stop worrying about lock-in and immature tech. Stop reading technical documentation endlessly and trust the stack.

var app = new Factor({
  el: '#app',
  data: {
    message: 'Hello Factor!'

The Future of Themes

Themes and plugins integrate seamlessly when you add them to your app. Fast development without complex configurations.

Factor - Infinite Possibilities

Manage Users with Roles

You can add other users to access your site admin interface. To protect your sensitive information or restrict the actions they can perform, user roles limit their access. Each user is assigned a role when they are added.

Factor - User Roles and Permissions

Simple Content Editing with Markdown

The Markdown editor provides a great writing experience with simple formatting. It also saves time over hand-crafted HTML tags, and it’s faster than using a WYSIWYG.

Factor - Markdown Editor

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, Enjoy...

What could you accomplish if you didn't have to spend time debugging, rewriting, refactoring and researching? Factor at its heart is simple and extremely flexible. Use Factor core and customize it to accomplish whatever you can think of...

Factor - Themes and Plugins

We chose the Factor TS platform (built with VueJS, MongoDB) for the new company app and it's been an awesome experience guys. Incredible work @fictiondotcom! πŸš€

Matt Walsh
Relic Apps Ltd.

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