No More Hotel Hopping

Fiction connects you with people who have homes they aren't using.

How it Works...

  1. Request A Home

    Fill out a form or contact us and request a home in a city you'd like to visit. Give us details like budget and timeline.
  2. We'll Visit The Property

    Based on your request, Fiction will find and visit homes for you. We'll create virtual showings which act as an objective review.
  3. Book and Confirm

    If you like the place, simply request to book by entering your dates and payment information. Once the landlord accepts, you're all good.

The Fiction Guarantee

Fraud Protection

After being succesful, we will transfer the money to the landlord 24 hours after you move in.

Fiction Verification

We verify each property, take photos and videos. Every corner of the property is reviewed and shown in detail.